My name is Georgios Agathos.

I have been working for eighteen years in the IT sector primarily as freelancer. I began my career working for Athens Technology Center S.A (Athens, GR) where I worked as programmer for multimedia applications, 3D graphic design and video/audio editing. During this time I participated in more than ten multimedia applications either for private customers or European projects. My daily duties included writing code using Macromedia Director, post-process video (Adobe Premiere) and audio clips (Sony Sound-Forge) used in the applications and creating 3D models and walkthroughs (Strata Studio-Pro, Alias/Wavefront 3D Design module, Pixar Renderman) in order to enrich their content. For the next three years I started a new collaboration with Kastaniotis Editions S.A. (Athens, GR) working in the same industry. I was working as senior multimedia programmer and video/audio editor for more than ten commercial multimedia software titles. After successfully completing my army duties, the collaboration with Kastaniotis Editions S.A. continued. For the last ten years I have been working as project manager in the IT sector for projects funded by the second, third and fourth European Framework for Greece. During this time I was responsible for the management, coordination of teams involved in the projects and quality assurance of the final products. Certain projects concerned the localization to the Greek language of educational software titles, while others included the development of new software titles or IT services for specific needs of the Greek Ministry of Education and the Greek Ministry of Culture.

After ten years of experience in Project Management and the successful delivery of more than twenty projects, I still believe that working for a new project will provide once again a platform of growth, experience and new challenges. And I am currently seeking a challenging new role as Project Manager.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Georgios Agathos